Who are BTS?

BTS construction and housing are primarily a building company. Established in 2002, BTS have been responsible for building many homes both on the Hibiscus Coast, the North Shore and Auckland.

In 2005, BTS saw a need to expand the business and decided to invest in excavation machinery. This enabled the business to now do site works and all the early prep work as well as build the home! This quickly became very successful and BTS discovered they were able to offer clients the savings of having one company do all the work as opposed to sub contracting excavation work out!

In 2007, BTS once again decided to expand the business, and invested in scaffold. By supplying their own entire scaffold, BTS were again able to pass these savings on to clients by not having to pay hire costs.

Once again in 2010, BTS decided to take another step in expanding their business, and partnered up with a number of local architects and designers to give clients the full design and build experience.

After having clients coming to them for years wanting design work and council permits taken care of, BTS decided to try and take the stress of it all away from the client. This side of the business has been hugely successful and BTS already have several design and builds (and happy customers) under their belts!

BTS can now offer all their clients a fixed price for their dream home or dream renovation, before completed plans are sent to council! Even better – tell BTS your budget and your wish list, and they will price your project continually throughout the plan stage so it doesn’t go over budget- ever!!

And the best bit… they are primarily a building company! So BTS Construction are the team you get on site to build your home!! There is no surprises come building start day! We employ a great team of builders and apprentices, and you will often see BTS Construction’s director, Brendan Smith, on site with hammer in hand!

So if you want a quality home at an affordable price – BTS should be top of your list!

But don’t just believe us… check out what our clients have to say here!