Best House Extension Builders in Auckland

BTS Construction can assist you with any type of home extension idea you might have. We specialise in all aspects of residential extensions in Auckland, from a complete floor plan remodel through to extensive bathroom and kitchen makeovers or smaller projects like the addition of sky lights and bifold doors to open up your home.

After nearly 20 years in the industry we’ve discovered that most people who are considering a new house extension are attached to their current homes and neighbourhood. When we build an extension, we make sure the house flows together flawlessly, preserving the existing home’s character and surroundings.

Creating a Modern Home Extension

Extending your house is a great way to reimagine your home so that it meets your evolving lifestyle. If your home is no longer ticking all the right boxes a structural home extension will get you a step closer. Let us take the bones of your home and reutilise them as a base for something incredibly new.

  • Increase your current living space
  • Increase the value of your property
  • Maximise your investment potential with minimum disruption

Whether you’re looking to accommodate your growing family or maximise your investment potential, BTS Construction can offer advice and guidance on the best house extension options for you.

Add value to your current space and property while accommodating your changing lifestyle.

A home to be proud of

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