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Building a new home is so much more than simply building a house.

It’s an exciting time, the possibilities are endless and you can almost envision your dream becoming reality. Custom building is a new form of housebuilding, where you are given flexibility in your home’s design to create living spaces that suit your life.

When it comes to choosing a construction company that specialises in building custom-made homes it pays to do your homework.

BTS Construction is much more than simply a building construction company. We know there is no one size fits all approach when building a new home which is why our custom-build service is one of our most popular.

Our expertise has been honed from many years of building unique luxury houses throughout the North Shore and Auckland wide. We know all there is to know about building including site orientation, views, planning requirements and we have the credentials to match.

Why Should I Use A Custom Home Builder?

Of all the choices you need to make when planning a new home building project, your builder is easily one of the most important. Most people don’t understand the sheer complexity of the builder’s job and the processes required to build a house from scratch. By choosing the right builder you will ensure this will all be taken care of for you.

Choosing the right custom house builder is the start of the road to building your perfect home, and we understand how personal a journey that is. BTS Construction will enable you to realise your ideal home by helping you along every step of the construction process.

We like to think that the homes we create speak for themselves, and the many testimonials from happy customers back this up.

Custom building gives us the opportunity to bring our clients' dream home to life

A home to be proud of

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